Damien Borden, has been an artist since he was very young, having been suggested to attend a school of the arts. Starting out with simple drawings, his interest in art expanded into not only graphics, but music, and video as well.

While not having any formal degree in the arts, Damien has always been self-taught, and continues to spend much of his free time learning new skills, techniques, and tools in the area of graphic design, constantly evolving his skills and developing new ones.

Constantly challenging himself to try new things, Damien has also taken on video editing, and audio production, in addition to video game design, and programming. However, his heart has always been with the artistic side of design, often spending his time coming up with creative concepts to use in the future, or just for himself.

Any time he is away from the office, you may find him with a note pad, doodling and drawing to keep his skills sharp, and possibly come up with new ideas on how to improve his craft.

© 2019 by Damien Borden

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