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The start of something new!

If I'm going to do this, I'm going to go big, and I think that should include a blog, if for no other reason to serve as a time capsule as to how far I have come with this business.

So, the short of it is that I am now officially a business owner! Yes, I own Tempest Digital, a legit registered business with the province. And holy cow was it easy to do. However, just getting the business registered, and running it are two different things, so let me break down a few key details here.

I've been doing graphic design for around 15 years now as a hobby. I never went to school for design or art, but I did have some classes about art and design when I went to school for Video Game Design and Programming. The majority of my skills, knowledge and technique are self-taught through practice, study, and some friendly advice from more knowledgeable friends. But I think that's the best part of all this, that I'm constantly learning new things and always evolving my skills and style!

Before starting this, I took a business in running a small business, so I'm not entirely in the dark as to what to do on the business end. I've already cultivated several new clients, and kept some older ones, only now, it's official and on the books. Invoices and all. Although, catching up on my taxes was not that fun.

This website was the start of my online presence, and I will be adding in more social networks in the near future to follow. And while on the topic of the future, I am currently working on getting a small loan so I can upgrade my hardware, which desperately needs to happen, because despite being a small business and a one-man show, working on an aged 6 year old laptop sort of limits what I can do. Once the new rig is built, I'll be able to do some more interesting projects, and perhaps delve into audio production and video editing!

Anyways, I'm excited. It's been a long road, and still a long road ahead, but I am optimistic, and will be documenting the whole journey in this blog.



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